• 29.07.2021

    Representative in Belarus

    We have today concluded a exclusive representative agreement with company Crane-Technologies LLC (short CT) for the Republic of Belarus and parts of the Russian Federation.
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  • 19.08.2020

    FinnMetko 2020

    We take part in this years FinnMetko at stand 574.The brand new JOBO SR75 Combi is launched together with well known JOBO ST50 Combi.
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  • 09.02.2020

    Service in east Finland

    Growing number of customers in eastern Finland are now enjoying support as Jarmo Waris is introduced as service man.
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  • 25.10.2019

    Austrofoma 2019

    Syketec took part in the Austrofoma exhibition on 8-10th of October together with Lunzer Co.See their presentation video below.JOBO ST50 Combi presentation
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  • 23.08.2019


    Syketec Ltd. has signed a coooperation agreement with the company Leopold Lunzer GmbH in Austria. The agreement covers sales and customer support in entire Austria.
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  • 04.08.2019

    We take part in Silva exhibition

    We take part in the Silva exhibition on 6-7.9.291 in Joensuu. We present JOBO ST50 Bambi and the new JOBO ST50 Combi.
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  • 31.05.2019

    New product from Syketec in SkogsElmia

    Meet us at SkogsElmia , stand 638.We present the new JOBO ST50 COMBI for the first time.
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  • 23.04.2019


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  • 12.11.2018

    Syketec expanding in Poland

    Large forest reserves in Poland need maintenance like also in Finland. We trust there is a need for small machines to fulfill that need and have therefore signed a cooperation/distribution agreement with the company ZHUP...
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  • 14.09.2018

    Our east Finland representative

    A new representative för Eastern Finland is agreed with Mr Kari Saharinen from Polvijärven Hake Ja turve Ky. At the same occasion he recieved the first in Finland sold harvester of type JOBO ST75 Bambi.
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