• 26.02.2016


    Syketec Ltd and Fåvang Maskin as signed a cooperation agreement on the 25th of February. The agreement covers all of Syketec's products with main focus on the harvester head JOBO ST75.
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  • 04.02.2016

    Bottom shield Valtra A- series

    We have developed a do it yourself kit for building a bottom shield to the aft part of Valtra A-series.It is made from 6mm high tensile steel and weighing 50kg.
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  • 25.12.2015


    Cooperation agreement between Seppätec Oy and Syketec Ltd was signed on 23.12.2015. This agreement covers the assembly, sales, installation and service of all Syketec products.
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  • 06.07.2015

    Automation for PATU tractor processor

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  • 10.06.2015

    SkogsElmia 2015

    SkogsElmia Exhibition 4-6.6.2015 turned out to be a sunny happening. During the three days abt. 30 000 visitors passed our stands.
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  • 23.03.2015

    New distributor in Ireland

    There is an increasing need to do the first thinnings of planted forests in Ireland. Up to 40% of first thinnings are either not done on time or at all.
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  • 25.08.2014


    From 25th of August 2014 Taitolan Konehuolto is representing Syketec Ltd's products in nothern parts of Finland.
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  • 19.08.2014

    We participate in FinnMETKO exhibition, 28 - 30.08.2014

    We are at boot 520. Both the latest version of our stroke head as well as our popular fronttank are exhibited.
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  • 13.07.2014

    We participate in OKSA exhibition, 31.7 - 2.8.2014

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  • 28.06.2012

    Delivery of the first JOBO ST75

    A major milestone in the history of Syketec was the delivery of the first ever harvester head to the owner. The harvester is in use mounted on a 9-t excavator with auxiliary hydraulics for tilt.
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