Combined stroke and roller feed

A major advantage of the stroke harvester is its strong feed force also at low oil flows. However, strong feed is not always needed and then stroke feed may feel slow.
Based on customer feedback Syketec developed a roller feed option which can even be retrofitted to the basic stroke harvester JOBO ST75C/D, this is then type designated JOBO ST75D Combi.


JOBO ST75C Combi

Combi version has four operating modes:

F1 - Combined stroke and rolls
F2 - Only rolls
F3 - MultiStem
F4 - MultiGrip

Under combined operation rolls can be selected during stroke and is only returning back to stroke if the feed button is released.
Roller feed is feeding at abt. 2,5 m/sec at full flow (80 l/min), this is more than double the speed of stroke feed.

Standard features & options

  • Length measurement with measuring roll
    • accuracy +/- 3 cm

  • Diameter measurement (option)
    • volume calculation
  • Weight with rolls 295 kg

Open leaflet for JOBO ST75 here