JOBO SR75 Combi

Very strong stroke harvester which also can be fitted with feed rolls. Thanks to four specific operation modes the feed can be with stroke, with rolls alone or combined. Strong feed with stroke and fast feed with rolls.

Technical detailes

Felling diameter
Recommended max. 40 cm
35 cm to 2 cm
Working pressure
170 - 200 bar
Working modes
Stroke, 75 cm, feed 0,75/1,0 m/s
Feed rolls
Feed n. 2-3,5 m/sec, 80 - 120 l/min
Delimbing force
35/22,5 kN at 180 bar, flow 80-120 l/min.
Bar and chain
Bar 50/54 cm, chain 2,0mm , .404in
L x H. x W
140x 150 x 95 cm
Weight without oil
430 kg
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC

Standard features

  • CAN-bus controls
  • Electronic saw limiter
  • Autom feed and reverse

  • Length measure (+/-5cm)

  • Length preselections(6 x 6)

  • Stump treatment rediness


  • Measuring wheel with magnetic sensor(+/-3cm)
  • Diameter measure. and volume calculation
  • Stump treatment pump
  • Inbuilt tilt directional valave

Brochure JOBO SR75