The hybrid tractor processor

The tractor processor is ideal for working in first thinnings and in production of bio mass. The harvester head is a standard JOBO ST75 in tractor configuration.



Technical specification

Lifting capacity, full reach
250 kg, netto
Pump capacity
60 - 80 l/min
Working pressure 150 - 250 bar
Turning radius, slewing
210°, 13 kNm
Hydraulic tank
60 ltr
Maximum reach, full extension
Abt. 4m, ext. 75cm
Proportional valve board
6 sections
Weight without oil, including harvester
Abt. 600 kg
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC
Hydraulic winch
700 kp

Standard features & options

  • JOBO CAN CCD or MID controls
  • Crane control with mini Joysticks
  • Hydrailic pump, gear type GR3
  • Hydraulic legs
  • Tank for stump treatment (option)
  • Mechanical valve board (option)

Open leaflet for JOBO TP75