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Styrsystemet JOBO CAN MID

Product Code: 050021
JOBO CAN MID is an advanced control and measuring sytems built with high quality components and sofisticated control features. The base is a Linux display unit which provides excellent and easy to use menus to fine tune the harvester functions and to follow up the production, even at volume level.
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Technical features

Operating voltage 9 - 32 VDC
Operating temperature -30 -  +70 °C
LCD display 7in WVGA color (800x480)
Case, aluminium IP67
Interface 2 x CAN 2.0B, ISO 11898
Communication 1 x USB

Real time clock



Standard features

  • Internal diagnostics in real time
  • Automatic feed and reverse
  • Length measure from stroke (± 5 cm)
  • Preselection of lenths (6 x 6 lengths)
  • Joystick control (require additional CAN-module)
  • Four operation modes
      • F1 - Combined stroke/rolls
      • F2 - Rolls only
      • F3 - MultiStem™
      • F4 - MultiGrip™

Options available

  • Length measure measuring roll  (± 3 cm)
  • Diameter measurement, volume calculation
  • Pump for stump treatment
  • Valve board ready for feed roll assembly
  • Panel mount or split mounting systems