Products Harvesters JOBO ST50 Bambi


JOBO ST50 Bambi

Product Code: 000131
This small stroke harvester is specifically developed to be fitted on small to medium size base machines. Thanks to is low weight and compactness it can be monted on a 3 ton excavator or any tractor based crane.
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Technical data

Felling diameter Recommended max. 30 cm
Delimbing 25 cm down to abt. 2 cm
Working pressure 160-180 bar
Working mode Stroke, 50 cm, speed 0,75/1,0 m/s
Delimbing force 15/22,5 kN at 180 bar, oil flow 30-60 l/min.
Bar and chain Bar 14/16 in, chain 1,6/2,0mm , .404in
Length x height x width 105 x 115 x 75 cm
Weight without oil 225 kg
Voltage 12 or 24 VDC


Standard features

  • CAN-bus control system
  • Saw limiter, mechanical
  • Automatic feed and reverse
  • Length measure from stroke (+/-5 cm)
  • Preselection of lenths (6 x 6 lengths)
  • Ready for stump treatment

Selectable options

  • Measuring roll
  • Diameter measurement
  • Pump for stump treatment